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Active immediately SMTP Authenticate Promotion. The guarantee to ship with Promo.it

SMTP Authenticated Promo will secure your unlimited emails!

Fill out the order form below and receive the instructions for using the SMTP AUTHENTICATED service.

If you want to know more about the SMTP AUTHENTICATED service: read here

By adhering now to the offer the activation is FREE (!)
You just have to choose how many mails you want to send per month.



2.500 postal mail month : € 50 + tax annually5.000 postal mail month : € 80 + tax annually10.000 postal mail month : € 110 + tax annually15.000 postal mail month : € 140 + tax annually20.000 postal mail month : € 170 + tax annuallyover 25.000 postal mail month : price on request

Free activation € 20,00

Please submit a form for each customer.
Promotion only for Promo.com customers. If you are not yet a Promo.com customer, you will be immediately contacted by the business division for the signature of the dedicated documentation.


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