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With Promo.it fiber optics are available everywhere, even outside the city

With Promo.it fiber optics are available everywhere, even outside the city

The line supplies IP addresses which are independent from the connection service provider and therefore allows the client to change the supplier with no negative impact

“Unfortunately, fiber optics don't reach this far ..!

Actually, this statement isn’t correct: as optic fibers connect Telecom Italia centres they are available anywhere, except in particular cases such as mountains or other places which are difficult to reach. The problem is a different one. Usually, it isn’t worth taking out fibers and directing them to a single client. That is why operators usually reply in the negative, killing any hope right from the start.
However, the reality is very different, as has been demonstrated by several connections recently activated in towns and villages in Brianza (Merate in 2007, Carate Brianza and Lesmo in 2012) but also in areas logistically less accessible (Tito Scalo, province of Potenza, 2015). All of this is possible thanks to our collaboration with Briantel S.r.l. and with the most important operators such as Telecom Italia Wholesale, Colt Telecom or CDLAN, which Promo.it chooses according to the technical and economic characteristics of each single project.

Why choose us? The client becomes an Autonomous System and obtains IP addresses which are independent from the operator.
Wi-fi backup with the same bandwidth as the

Case History

Yamaha Motor Europe activated their own fiber optic connection in 2012 at their headquarters in Gerno di Lesmo (MB). The policies imposed by the mother company meant that it was particularly complicated to change the IP addresses; the problem was solved by activating a dedicated Autonomous System and attributing an entire C class.

Yamaha Motor Europe
“With Promo.it we were able to substitute the old copper lines and use fiber optics despite our headquarters being far from the big cities where connection services are good. Furthermore, we have our own IP addresses with a dedicated Autonomous System: finally, we can decide to change operators without touching our IP addresses and, therefore, without having to go through a complicated and time-consuming migration every time we do it.”.
Daniele Biglia
IT Manager

Zampediverse require an ultra-fast connection to improve the exchange of extra-large files that are part of the projects which they are constantly elaborating on behalf of major national and international companies. Today, Zampediverse have at their disposal 100 Mbps of guaranteed connection in their headquarters in the centre of Carate Brianza.

“Thanks to Promo.it, we have brought optic fibers into our offices in Carate Brianza, assuring that our team of creative and grafic artists can exchange files and documents with our clients at high speed. This was a fundamental step in making our Carate office efficient”.
Riccardo Sirtori

Elemaster S.p.a. Tecnologie Elettroniche is a multinational company with its headquarters in Lomagna (Lc). Promo.it provided a fiber-optic connection not only to Lomagna but also to the subsidiary Eleprint S.r.l. in Tito Scalo (PZ), located in an area that had long suffered from limited reliability via copper wire connections.

“The growth of our company has meant that our Internet connections as well as the intranet connections between our branches needed to be super-fast and super-reliable. Several operators had offered us fiber-optic connection to Lomagna, but with Promo.it we managed to bring the same technology to our office in Tito Scalo, which was technologically more disadvantaged and where copper wire connections had always been problematic. Today, we finally have connections that allow us to communicate at the speed at which our company is growing”.
Luca Ceppi
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