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Data Center

Our Data Centre is safe, reliable and monitored 24 hours a day, and it is only 35 km from Milan

This is our goal: to offer the same services and response times as a large Data Centre; to combine the capacity of the largest structure in Italy – IDC in Via Caldera, Milan – with the levels of flexibility and service which are typical of small operators. And all to create a successful and exclusive offer for our clients.

Promo.it Data Centre in Merate (Lc) is completely designed and implemented by Promo.it’s team.

Offer Data Center

  • NetShelter APS rack enclosures – from one unit up to an entire cabinet are used to house or arrange your devices.
  • Controlled and protected access 24 hours a day
  • IP addresses, from 1 up to an entire C class with a specific, dedicated Autonomous System.
  • Unlimited Internet band, thanks to redundant optic fiber connection over several routs
  • Increased Internet band even for limited periods
  • Perimeter Firewall based on Cisco technology
  • Physical and virtual solutions

Data Center

Data Center Promo.it

We have always been environmentally aware, which is why we monitor PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) to keep it bellow 1.5, which is considered the optimal level for power efficiency in Data Centres.

Infrastructure of Data Center

  • The UPS room and the Data Center are situated in separated areas
  • Overall surface area 100sq.m.
  • Promo.it own the property
  • Inergen fire suppression system using inert gas
  • Two pairs of 30kVA double-conversion Liebert UPSs with 40′ autonomy at full load
  • 100kW Atlas Copco Engine generator with 10 hours’ autonomy at full load
  • The air conditioning in the Data Center has 3 independent cooling elements
  • The air conditioning in the UPS room has 2 independent cooling elements
  • 2 Power Distribution Units per cabinet, each connected to a pair of UPSs

Our on-call technicians live no further than 8 km from the Data Centre. The average response time during the night is 13 minutes.


  • Our technical support is supplied exclusively by experts, without having to go through an initial help desk
  • We guarantee on-call technicians who live within 8 km of the Data Centre
  • Our technicians carry out monthly operational test on UPS and engine generator
  • The Data Centre is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m to 12,30
  • The offer we make to the client can be completely personalized both on a physical and a logical level.
  • We are situated 35 km from Milan, which is a perfect distance to guarantee high performance and total reliability for Disaster Recovery

We are proud of our Data Centre and the team of technicians who designed, implemented it and are managing it. Come and talk to us in person, will’be happy to show you our projects.

Housing & Colocation

Promo.it offer two Housing and Collocation solutions: we can host our clients’ server in our.

Cloud Server

Redundant infrastructure, unlimited resources. The Cloud solutions are designed to be reliable and clear.

Private Cloud

Unlimited resources available exclusively for your company.

Data Backup

Data backup is the first step towards securing your company data.

Disaster Recovery

Promo.it offer Disaster Recovery solutions which are tailor-made for each client.

Relocation to our new office in Via Bergamo, Merate

Promo.it's Data Center

One night of intense work that involved 15 people is concentrated in a video that lasts 2 minutes and 46 seconds

18th February 2016, 10 p.m: begins the shutdown of the server. 4 airconditioners, 4 UPS, one engine generator, 165 physical and 75 virtual servers. 19th February, 6,30 a.m.: the new Data Center is on line!

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