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Cloud Server

Cloud Server: redundant infrastructure, unlimited

Cloud Server

The Cloud solutions are designed to be reliable and clear. Cloud server is virtual machine which is adjusted according to every project’s necessary resources and makes it unnecessary for the user to buy a related hardware. It took virtual computing a few years since its market launch to its progressive establishment and what we currently know as the “cloud” concept. The process time needed for marketing to bring this type of service to everyone’s attention. Nowadays it is considered obvious to dispose of the services that work without necessarily buying any related hardware, which can be modified according to emerging requirements.

Machine virtualizing - a 50-year-old fabulous technology

When did the world of computing start to talk about computing? Everybody would probably say in 2000, but the first projects actually are much more ancient: IBM had developed the concept of virtualizing already back in th 1960’s! Though, the real breakthrough happened with the advent of VMware and XEN projects as later as in the early 00′. Since then the concept of virtualize a server entered the common language and we asked ourselves whether it was worth to spend a lot of money for hardware while, as we well knew, that server would be substitute by a technologically more advanced /cutting-edge / state-of -the- art machine in a couple of years time.

Promo.it's cloud server: clear prices, unprecedented service

Promo.it’s Cloud solutions are designed to be clear and reliable. Completely replicated data structure within the same Data Center or in the area to guarantee continuity of the service even in the event of hardware failure. Clear prices, because they are based of a number of parameters that is server configuration accordingly to client’s need and custom settings such as:

  • the number of dedicated CPU core
  • RAM memory
  • the storage
  • broadband Internet connection
  • IP addresses
  • potential software licence / if required

Our offer is detailed and therefore allows the client to understand economical outcome of service upgrade or downgrade


Our selling point is Promo.it’ technicians support twenty-four hours out of twenty four. When support is required the client don’t have to pass through a first-level help desk and to lose precious time. Instead, he contacts directly the expert team who not only guarantee technical service but also have expertise to install, configure and maintain state-of-the-art services – one of the several differences that Promo.it offers in comparison to the large number of offers on the web.

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