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Data backup is the first step towards securing your company data

Backup dati di Promo.it

In its everyday activity a company generates and manages information, and it is now clear to everyone that such data is highly valuable. So why are there still so many companies that haven’t put in place an efficient data backup system? The answer isn’t easy but the most logical reason is also the most trivial one: people don’t act until something very serious happens i.e. a part or all of their information is completely lost. But then it is too late to avoid serious damage. This is why the first step for making a company secure is to install a very efficient software backup system, which is the main pillar on which other more sophisticated solutions can be built, right up to Disaster Recovery.

Is decent software all we need to get good data backup?

These days a great variety of data backup software is on offer: there are vendors who offer dedicated hardware, providers who offer Cloud space and services for backup solutions, companies that develop advanced software for managing data backup. All these services are probably very good and can help to implement a decent backup solution. However, none of these services is sufficient, neither taken individually nor all together. Because a complete and efficient data backup plan cannot ignore the human element, which is decisive when analyzing how to classify and prioritize the various types of data. The human element is also important for managing a service and monitoring it constantly to ensure that the service is functioning correctly. Too often we notice that backup isn’t running or isn’t working because when we try to restore a file we realize it isn’t available or it is simply empty.

Promo.it offer not simply a data backup solution but a complete service for managing your data

This is why Promo.it’s data backup solution isn’t limited to a software offer or service but starts from an initial advisory chat, right up to an accurate verification of the daily backup process. Our service can be defined as a managed backup of company data.

We start by designing a backup policy: analyzing the company data together with the company – and not on its behalf – means that we can identify the parameters that are essential for defining the project:


This is the time needed to restore data, and which must be compatible with company’s requirements.


This is the period during which certain data remains available for restoration. Have you ever wanted to access a file you had worked on the year before, and which you thought you would never need again?


This is the time slot during which the various company servers can be accessed in order to export data for backup. And all without impacting on the system.

The analysis stage is fundamental to avoid treating all data in the same way, with serious financial consequences – think about the data we could archive once a day but which we backup every hour. Think about functionality too: all data generates traffic when it is being backed up, occupying the band and increasing the workload for the machines providing the processes.

Having clarified this, Promo.it offer our own solutions, which include simple masks to access your data via Internet and guarantee the company full autonomy in restoring a file or folder in any moment from any device. The data is stored in Promo.it’s data center to ensure that it is stored in a safe place which is detached from the server where the data resides. We can also guarantee the storage of your date in our data center in Milano, in order to keep the two sites separate.

We complete the service with weekly checkups that are shared with the company. Through these check-ups, and by analyzing the statistics, expert technicians can verify that backup is proceeding correctly. If I expect 10,000 files of data to be backed up every day, for a total of 100 Mbytes of data, while the real data is far from that amount – this rings alarm bells. However, we always define with the company which data we can make consistency tests on, in order to avoid the typical scenario where a file that has been backed up turns out to be empty.

Our emergency procedures allow us to manage abnormal situations, often linked to a lack of Internet connection or of electricity at the company headquarters where the data is taken from. In all these situations, our team defines the best solution together with the client, so that the company is not left without its data backup system.

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