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Disaster Recovery

Promo.it customize Disaster Recovery solutions for each client

Promo.it’s Disaster Recovery solutions are designed as made-to-measure projects, not “one-size-fits-all”.

  • We start with a true evaluation of the impact felt when a company system is down, prioritizing the services. This allows us to define the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for each service (and not a single parameter for the whole company!). RTO means the time needed to restore full operational activity of services while RPO is the time needed to make data secure.
  • Ones these parameters have been defined, the Disaster Recovery Plan, can be developed. It will contain redundancy of the systems on a Disaster Recovery site, where information is replicated at least once a day for less critical data while those services that need absolute continuity can be managed in real time (Business Continuity).
    An appropriate analysis can lower the cost of the project by avoiding the mistake of real- time replication of data which is not moved around on a daily basis, and where there is no real consequence if information from 24 hours earlier is not recuperated. Our aim when designing a Disaster Recovery Plan is to achieve the best RTO and RPO times possible for the type of data being handled and the processes being managed.
  • Finally, our programming team contributes to analysis of the services we offer: sometimes making appropriate adjustments to the software allows replications to be better managed – think for example of ticket booking, which is initially reserved, then confirmed within an established time – in order to avoid generating numerous invoices or warehouse activity which must then be continually reversed if the transaction is not concluded.

We use the Promo.it Data Center in Merate for our Disaster Recovery Solutions, as it offers the following advantages:

  • It is an ideal distance from our data center in Via Caldera, Milan 30km is far enough to exclude the same natural disaster befalling both sites, while a greater distance would make it difficult for real-time replications
  • The data center is managed exclusively by the Promo.it team, without intervention from outsiders, and with the latest technology: fire suppression systems, backed-up air conditioning, continuous power supply and generators.
  • A group of experienced and highly professional technicians who supply on-call assistance without the client having to go through an initial help desk where the staff have limited skills.
  • Rapid intervention times: all on-call technicians live no further than 8km from the data center, ensuring rapid response times even at night and during bank holidays.
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Disaster Recovery is a set of measures implemented to restore the system, data and infrastructures which are necessary for supplying a company's services

Disaster Recovery

The evolution of Internet Technology, and in particular the Cloud, has now reached excellent levels: today our life is dotted with services we can access from our mobile device or pc; this have become such a normal part of our daily life that we find it almost intolerable if we can’t access these services for even a few minutes. Today we are so used to getting what we need when we want it, that we won’t even accept a few minutes’ interruption. This is why service suppliers keep on improving their systems because they know that a user who can’t connect is potentially a lost customer. Users will look elsewhere if we can’t give them what they want when they want it and this will have serious consequences for our business ( both in terms of clients lost and economic impact).

Are our clients willing to tolerate an interruption of our services?

The first question we need to ask ourselves is: how patient will our clients be? The easier it is to access a rival service or product, the less likely it is that our client will return to our site some hours later to check whether the service has been restored. This could mean not only a lost sale (and gone to a rival) but also a client of ours who has browsed the web and found one of our competitors who has been able to offer a more reliable service than we could.

Business Continuity

What are the consequences of an interruption of services on our company activity?

Data Center Promo.it
  • And is our company willing to tolerate an interruption of our services? Company processes are multifold: when one connection is interrupted, it causes maximum urgency among all the others that can’t operate. But what the real emergencies? Company procedures increasingly trigger a chain- reaction of events: if a web site or other everyday tools are unavailable we cannot issue a delivery note, send out a truck, communicate the next assignment to a technician, answer a simple question. These are real emergencies. While in other cases there is no real damage if the service is unavailable for a few hours. However, the economic impact can be huge and can vary from case to case.
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