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Private Cloud

Unlimited resources available exclusively for your company

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud evolved from the Cloud service which allows the client not only to have dedicated and scalable resources at any time but also to access them only from authorized points, through a security system provided by company VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). This solution therefore combines the power of the Cloud with the security that is essential for clients who deal with sensitive information, those that companies rely on for their everyday activities.

When is it necessary to have your own Private Cloud?

The Private Cloud is the ideal solution for clients with varying requirements: on the one hand the client’s need for unlimited and scalable resources, on the other hand the equally important need to know that not only is his data safe, but so are his communications between operators’ workstations and the servers. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs were afraid to move their company data (today we call it “big data”) outside the company: it is clear that a Data Center offers a higher level of physical and logistical security compared to any private office. The Private Cloud is the ultimate solution that means the client does not have to give up the scalability and power the Cloud offers, while maintaining the same security standards for each stage of the company’s activity.

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We decided to keep an independent Data Center in Merate so that our customers could personalize their Private Cloud solutions. In fact, large Data Centers have two important critical aspects: technical support that a first- level help desk would inevitably slow down; another equally important aspect is that if a structure is too large it is impossible to personalize solutions for each single client. This is the huge difference that we can offer: you can create your own VPNs also by customizing the solution through the choice of a specific hardware, designed for the project itself. Installing small devices dedicated to the client is seen as uneconomical by large Data Centers, but for us it is standard practice, and along with our expert technical support, allows us to design projects that are tailor-made for the needs of each Client.

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