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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a particular type of marketing that makes the most of the potential offered by the digital world.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the fundamental pillar of Digital Marketing: it is all those activities that promote a company’s service or activity, with the aim of attracting a person’s interest and converting him into a client, following a channeled process. (The goal of Outbound Marketing or traditional marketing is to interrupt and distract people from what they are doing and to “push” the company’s product or service, i.e. TV commercials).

Why is Digital marketing fundamental for companies?

Before buying a product or service, almost 90% of people in the world look for information on Internet: on the site, on social media, in reviews, blogs, etc. If a company manages in various ways to intercept people’s thirst for information, this would give the company a huge advantage over its rivals.

Digital Marketing is therefore a great opportunity for small and medium companies to grow, as they do not have access to the same kind of investment capital that large companies have for their marketing. In fact, by making the most of the digital world, small and medium companies can succeed in competing on an international level. They can do this by making the most of their resources: the greater flexibility and adaptability typical of small and medium companies; by concentrating their financial resources on those who are genuinely interested in their company’s products or services; by making investments that are proportionate to the structure of a small/medium company. Furthermore, we can give an objective assessment of any Digital Marketing activity (unlike traditional marketing). Promo.it use comprehensive data and statistics to analyze situations and, if necessary, quickly improve the strategy by making appropriate changes and corrections.


Why are so many companies unhappy with their presence on Internet?

A good website isn’t enough to get results – nobody would visit it. It is necessary to design a Digital Marketing strategy that will give the website more visibility, more clients, more sales, and, as a result, a return on the investment.


Our experts in digital marketing can develop a marketing strategy together with the client, which will give the company real and tangible results. We analyze and emphasize a company’s selling points by using digital tools that can and must be mutually integrated (digital integration)

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A website allows the company to promote its image to a crowd of people who can cover the entire world.



Why is it important for your business to be in the forefront of search results like Goggle, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex?



Being present on social media with your company means establishing a relationship between a company and a customer-user



A very effective way to advertise your company’s products and services



Why is it important to have quality content on the Internet?



It is possible to know and understand how and if a website is working and accordingly take the appropriate steps


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