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Why is it important for your business to be at the top in search engine rankings such as Goggle, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex?

SEO posizionamento sui motori di ricerca

Having a website is not enough; it must be responsive (mobile friendly) and its position must be indexedSEO and Content Marketing (content is the king) must put your site at the top in search engines by using SEO key words related to your business, products and services.  Otherwise, it’s like having a beautiful shop full of exceptional products in the middle of the desert: it will difficult to found and therefore will not yield results. An SEO-friendly site positioned at the top in the search engines will get more quality visits, resulting in more potential customers and thus more sales. That is why it is an excellent Web Marketing tool.

In order to optimise your search ranking you need to understand how the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) index the resources that is to say all sites and pages on the web, to bring an Internet Site or pages to the top positions in SERP in searches carried out by web users. To do this you need to have the most up-to-date SEO Tools that give you an adequate analysis of the SEO On Page (optimization of the site and its pages) and the SEO Off Page (inbound link management)

Google BOT

Seo on page

There are many factors that influence your site’s SEO, but most importantly, they are always changing. For example, for Google BOT there are 200 factors and new algorithms (Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingboard etc.) are developed regularly to improve users’ search experience, and they change the indexation parameters. For this reason, an SEO Agency needs to use an SEO Audit to analyse the site and stay up-to-date; it must constantly work on the site to make the necessary improvements to keep it at the top of search result pages, SERPs (search engine results pages).

In order to deliver results, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not a job to be done ``once in a while`` but must be a continuous service.

Local Seo

The importance of SEO search engine ranking for local businesses

Local Seo posizionamento sui motori di ricerca

Over the last few months, Local SEO search engines ranking has become increasingly more important for local businesses such as restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. thanks to the exploitation of specific code writing (structured mark ups, schema.org, rich snippets, etc.) which make it easier for users to find a site in localized searches such as Google Maps, navigators, etc. . For example, the website of a local restaurant that has had a proper Local SEO set-up by an SEO Specialist will be easily available in smartphone searches for people who live near to this businesses.

The services we offer your business:

We offer our longstanding expertise in SEO search engine rankings.

  • Analysis of your present sites ranking in search engines: SEO Audit
  • With the SEO On Page, search term identification (keyword) is more relevant and consistent.
  • Reorganizing of the contents (content marketing) regarding semantics, site architecture and individual pages and their html codes (content marketing)
  • Processing of textual content and images so that they are better suited to the purposes of SEO (Seo copywriting)
  • SEO Of Site Link Building Strategies, that is activities aimed at attracting more quality inbound links, including Social Sharing. White Hat SEO versus Black Hat SEO
  • Constant analysis and monitoring of results and set objectives in order to make appropriate corrections. Analysis of competitors’ site
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