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SEM Online Advertising

SEM Online Advertising: Why are more and more companies choosing this Tool to promote their products?

With SEM online advertising you can generate a lot of requests from people who are really interested in what you are promoting, because when you use SEM you can target your audience with highly accurately.

One of the most used online advertising systems is definitely Google Adwords
When a user searches for something on Google or browses through a Google Display Network site, the system recognizes what the user is looking for and proposes relevant advertising lists which are in line with what they are interested in. Obviously, if users receive an advertisement of a product or service they are looking for, they will be more willing to click on it. This type of marketing activity is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

PROMO.IT are certified as a Google Partner: only Web Agencies with Web Marketing professionals who have passed Google Certification Exams for Online Advertising and who manage important advertising budgets on behalf of customers, can get the Badge of a Google Partner. To maintain the status of Google Partners, we must demonstrate that we implement Google Best Practices and show excellent performance in managing our customers’ accounts. Otherwise, we face having our certification withdrawn.



Online SEM campaigns (text ads, banners, or videos) can be set to make the advertiser pay only when a user clicks (PPC pay per click), regardless of the number of times the ad has been displayed on the web. Therefore, your company will only pay for clicks (PPC pay per click) made by users who are really interested in your products. In addition, your advertising can target your audience using specific criteria: age, gender, language, country, interests, sites on specific topics, etc., even the kind of smartphone they are using.

You can decide to publish it on the Google search web, as a banner on the vast Google Display Network which includes many sites, or even put it on Youtube (second search engine for visitors in the world). Similar online advertising systems are also present on social networks (social advertising), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and also on other search engines such as Bing, Yandex and so on.

For example, a vegan restaurant in Lecco may decide to make their ad appear only for people within 15 miles from Lecco, aged from 20 to 40, females who use Iphone 6 and who have shown an interest in health food.

How much does SEM online advertising cost on Google Adwords or Bing?

You can decide the daily budget for your advertising campaigns, starting with a few euros a day; then you can decide to increase your investment once the results are evaluated.

You will only pay for clicks (CPC per click) or when your ad appears if you opt for this solution (CPM cost per thousand impressions). The actual cost is based on a real-time auction system where the determining factors are the bid and the quality of the ad. If you have a high-quality ad the price for visualizing it will be lower, but still it is always up to you make the highest bid you want to.

Promo.it have been successfully developing SEM advertising campaigns for many years and can take care of:

  • Choosing which channels to use depending on your business and goals
  • Keyword Definition, Arguments and Public Targeting (audience)
  • Creating individual campaigns and ad groups
  • Creating Remarketing Campaigns
  • Processing texts, banners, video content (content curation)
  • Advanced setting and tracking the statistics of the results with interventions for improving ROI (return on investment) by following the best practices (the most used digital marketing techniques)
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