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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great Digital Marketing opportunity for SMEs

If your company is present and active in Social Media Marketing you can build up a relationship between your company and the customer-user, where both parties are on the same level. When you create this kind of relationship, the distance between the company and the customer is “shortened” and therefore there is a greater probability that the deal will be closed. In order to engage users, this two-way equal relationship needs to be created, “cultivated” and interesting. The more users feel involved in this relationship (Social Media Management) the more they will be satisfied and will share this sentiment with their circle of acquaintances, therefore triggering a classic ” word of mouth” (going viral) that, in Web Marketing, will bring a lot of visibility to the brand bringing various kinds benefit.

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There are many Social Networks, each with its own characteristics and features. One of the key aspects of Social Media Marketing is to understand what Social Media best matches the strategies and goals the company intends to pursue.
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine etc.: You need to find out which Social Networks are more functional for your company’s digital marketing strategy. In fact, we need to analyse your company’s targets and especially the countries where the company operates, or wants to operate, because spreading out and penetrating individual Social Networks can vary geographically. It is also important to have a Social Media Manager.

Precisely because Social Media Marketing establishes a two-way equal relationship, the company must be able to “listen” to its users by interacting with them and responding to their actions, whatever they may be (questions, opinions, criticisms, proposals, etc.). If the company can do this properly, it will gain great benefits for its brand reputation.
It is particularly important to work out a medium- and long-term strategy for your company’s presence on the Social Media Network in order to provide users with engaging content (Content Marketing) so that they are involved and share their experiences.

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In fact, for every action in the Social Media Marketing field you should always consider that users can either say good things about your company or they can badmouth it, which can potentially trigger a negative spiral with effects that can be highly damaging to your business. For example, many companies underestimate the importance of their presence on Social Networks and do not notice users’ negative feedback, which can affect the company or its product. The right approach is not to actively control these ‘conversations’ as this could be extremely negative.

Promo.it have been pursuing Social Media Marketing projects for many years and we can therefore offer our professional skills in the following services:

  • Planning strategy for Social Media presence
  • Creating profiles and business pages
  • Managing business pages
  • Programming content: frequency and time of publication
  • Putting activities in place to get more users (followers), obtain consumer loyalty, promote products
  • Social Media Advertising Activities, including Creating and Managing Campaigns (Social Advertising)
  • We monitoring analysis of statistics and interventions carried oput in order to refine our strategy and bring about improvements.
  • Managing and analysing your company’s reputation on the web
  • Staff Training Programs
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