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Website Statistics Analysis

Website statistics analysis (analytics) is extremely important because it allows you to understand and learn if and how your website is performing and to take the appropriate steps to improve your company's presence on the Internet.

Analisi statistiche sito web

Website Statistics Analysis allows you to acquire additional information such as number of visitors, their location, the time they connect, the pages visited, the duration of the visits, the device they used, how they learned about your website and many more. These data is available in real-time, so you also can measure activities or events as they happen.

The main problem is that there is so much data that you need to be able to transform this information into an opportunity to improve your business.

That’s why you need an expert who knows how to correctly evaluate the data sent back by analysing tools (analytics) and then implement the appropriate actions to improve site performance. This analysis is regardless of measurable goals that have been set up previously.
This is a continuous circular process with phases: data collection, analysis and action with goals.


Over the years, Promo.it has gained profound knowledge in the field of website statistic analysis and can therefore implement the following functions:

  • Configuring and setting up website statistic analysis tools: log-based and page-tagging systems like Google Analytics
  • Analysing results based on set goals
  • Setting up advanced filters for conversions, analytic, attribution models, processes channelling (funnel) etc.
  • Customizing statistics for specific needs
  • A/B test on site pages
  • Basic training in analytics notions
Promo.it offer an analysis of your web statistics. Would you like to learn more?
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