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Internet Domain Suffixes, when the right choice of name gives your company a definite boost

The name of a company’s domain suffix (.it .com .org, etc.) has become crucial, so much so, that often the choice of a company’s business name depends on the availability of an internet domain with that name. And it’s not an exaggeration: good domains can easily be remembered and traced, and for some years this has been a positioning factor in search engine, particularly in Google. That is why it’s always important to carefully choose both first and second level domain or the domains through which you wish to introduce yourself to the world.

PROMO.IT can guide in your choice of domain suffixes

PROMO.IT are more than final suppliers, that is a maintainer of the chosen domains; thanks to our 20-year experience, PROMO.IT are able to complete our offer with comprehensive advice:

  • We advise our clients on their choice of domain suffixes names. We also evaluate the impact of any registered trademarks and patents
  • We evaluate existing and emerging domain suffixes and manage all business practices on behalf of the company
  • We manage all bureaucratic paperwork and supporting actions, such as providing local headquarters necessary for domain registration of some suffixes
  • We support our clients in recovering domain names which have been stolen

With PROMO.IT you do not need to forward any payment: we check that the domain name you choose is free, and charge you the cost only when the transaction is successful.

N.B.: even these days you can still find providers who register domain names to their own companies, rather than on the client. This can cause considerable damage. The best option, therefore, is to always verify that the Registrant is the company that requires the domain and that the Admin-C contact is the contact person chosen by the company.

What are the domain suffixes covered by PROMO.IT?

Through our partners, PROMO.IT can register domains on all available suffixes, both cctld (country code top-level domain names, or suffixes linked to individual countries, such as .it or .fr) and gtld (general top-level domain name, such as .com and .org).

Our references:

  • Registrar at the Nic of Pisa (http://www.nic.it) for domains .it
  • Registrar at Eurid (http://www.eurid.eu) for .eu domains
  • Maintainer at Tucows (http://www.opensrs.com) for international domain suffixes
  • Lastly, we have direct contacts with numerous other cctld registration bodies (e.g. Nic.ch, Nic.fr, etc.).


Country Code Top Level Domain (cctld)

Strengthen you presence in the area

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are second level-suffixes, whose management has been entrusted to individual countries by ICANN (Internet Council for Assigned Names and Number), through the competent authorities. These authorities have defined the rules for the concession of domain names, and following these rules grant requested names to companies, private individuals or other public authorities.

What can Promo.it do for me?

In addition to giving advice on the best solution, Promo.it can manage potential requests from each registered authority: in fact in some countries, concession of a domain name is based on a company having a unit in that country. However, companies often don’t have one, as they use agents or partners for commercial representation. In this case, Promo.it allows the client to overcome these limits by using dedicated companies that basically rent out their local presence so as to be absolutely transparent and to legally fulfill the obligations imposed by the competent authorities managing domains.

This is the list of available suffixes directly quoted from Wikipedia:

General Top Level Domain (gtld)

Affirm your name globally

IGeneral Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are second-level suffixes whose management has been entrusted to specific authorities by ICANN (Internet Council for Assigned Names and Number), which, in compliance with the registration rules shared with ICANN, grant names to the companies and private individuals who request them, providing that all necessary requirements for such concession are met.GTLDs were created to meet specific needs, and each suffix initially represented a category, from .com (commercial) to .org, dedicated to organizations. In fact, these distinctions have gradually been lost, until, new suffixes dedicated to specific areas of activity have been created in recent years, in an attempt to revitalize domain name registration.

What are the advantages of a gTLD?

Neither Country Code Top Level Domain nor gTLD offer specific advantages. To choose which suffix we need, we should first evaluate the name we want to register: it is better to choose a name that best represents our company with a lesser known suffix, rather than a “masked” name with a better known suffix to overcome the unavailability of the domain name that we dreamed of ‘.

What can PROMO.IT do for me?

Nowadays there are so many GTLDs . Therefore, PROMO.IT can evaluate the best opportunities for your business, but we can also check whether the domain name you are looking for is occupied, and whether the registration of other users is correct. If necessary, we also support the customer in recovering their domain name.

New domains, over 1,400 suffixes available

Among the new domains – from .abc to .bio – there are many suffixes that match your business

For years, ICANN (Internet Council for Assigned Names and Numbers) has ignored the network’s demands for the introduction of new top-level suffixes for the registration of Internet domains. Then, in recent years, everything has changed, and now those who want to register new domains can choose from over 1,400 new suffixes, each with a particular connotation.

What are the domains already released by ICANN?

Nowadays there are so many gTLDs. Therefore, PROMO.IT can evaluate the best opportunities for your business, but also check if the domain name you are looking for is already occupied, and whether the registration of other users is correct. If necessary, we also support the customer in recovering their domain name. There are over 1,400 new domains authorized by ICANN; here below we list only some of the most interesting suffixes, but the list, of course, is not limited to existing possibilities.

.abc For those who want to explain something… starting from scratch
.academy Dedicated to those who spread culture in their field
.adult We leave to your imagination
.agency For any kind agency: travel, communication, investigative…
.antivirus If the business is linked to antiviruses, either computer or other types
.app Nothing better for those who offer apps!
.architect For a studio with international ambitions
.arte Simple and catchy: after all, isn’t Italy the country of culture?
.audio For the audio industry
.author Writers, lyricists, anyone who lives for their ideas
.auto Great for the car industry
.baby Many possibilities, not necessarily hot
.band Terrific for those who make music, sometimes the word Band is part of the name, why not name a domain after it?
.bank For those who are lucky to have one
.bar Speaks for itself
.beauty Highlights the concept of beauty, ideal for beauty centres
.beer Many craft breweries are emerging with high-quality products; why not start from a domain?
.best A suffix for those who are not afraid of sounding arrogant!
.bet Do you want to bet it will be used a lot?
.bike Motorbikes or bicycles, as long as they have two wheels and not 4
.bio What is better to identify a growing industry?
.black Black is a trend setter
.blog For anyone who wants to make share their ideas
.book Books for Everyone
.business A serious but interesting Alternative
.cafe Like .bar, how often does the word Café appear in the name of bars and cafés?
.casa The real-estate sector should think about it
.casino Designed for those who love gambling
.catering Reinforces the concept for those providing this service
.chat Let’s talk about it!
.christmas Temporary Christmas Shop, also in the name
.click Makes sense for the world of photography
.cloud Cloud is trendy, whether it is true or not!
.club Exclusive suffixes for exclusive venues
.coach Not only for sports coaches
.community Teaching us that the best way to propose something is to create a community that speaks about it
.computer Generic, obsolete, if you will, but the concept is clear
.data Big Data is fashionable, here’s the right suffix
.dance For dance schools
.design Elegant, though the website must live up to the name!
.earth The world is where I live
.eat We are what we eat
.education If .abc and .academy do not convince you, here is an alternative
.email When e-mail is important
.energy A growing industry deserves a dedicated suffix
.engineering A word commonly used in Italy, why not transfer it to the domain name?
.events Easy and intuitive for event organizers
.expert How else should we communicate that we think we know enough about a topic?
.express Precise, punctual and, above all, fast
.family Once there were aristocratic coat-of-arms, but they are no longer used…
.fan If you love me, follow me!
.farm Server Farm or more simply ‘my farm’
.fashion Fashion is my world and I leave nothing to chance, not even my domain
.food Splendid solution which, for a long time now, has identified a whole industry
.game For the thriving sector of video games
.garden The world of gardening is grateful
.gay This community is attracting a lot attention at the moment
.global Global is not always global, often it is used to indicate that the an entire service sector is covered
.gratis Plain and clear, but then you should be able to make some money out of it!
.green For those who care about the environment
.guru If the .expert domain wasn’t good enough to describe your skills!
.health For the medical field. It is important though to assess how much the English term is now universally recognized
.hosting For those who hosts websites, applications or any other service that can be part of the “hosting” concept.
.hot A suffix that can be used not only with obvious double meanings, but also to indicate a particularly hot topic
.life Health and wellbeing, all about life as a whole
.lifestyle My lifestyle, under many aspects
.like A relevant suffix for those seeking consensus
.live Great for those who offer real-time services or organize live events
.map From Google Maps on. The term is used for toponymy on the web
.market Once upon a time there were marketplaces, now this suffix could bring them back into fashion
.marketing It is now clear to everyone that marketing, is crucial for success, especially on the web
.menu A menu of what the company offers, not necessarily linked to food
.moda The suffix for fashion could only be Italian
.moto This suffix is ​​also very suitable for Italy
.natura As simple as that
.new Not news but new developments: those I want to communicate
.news News is here, for those who still want to venture into the editorial sector
.next Want to know what is going to happen tomorrow? Come to my site. Impressive
.pet Splendid for all those who work with animals
.phone You do not even need to explain it, thanks to iPhone
.photo Also available in the plural (.photos), it may be the fortune of so many photographic studios
.pizza No comment
.poker Gambling lovers or lovers of this game in particular, are bound to appreciate it
.porn What if one day all adult sites had this suffix, so that they could easily be identified (and deleted)?
.promo Could have been PROMO.IT’s top-level suffix! But it’s late now, and it can be used by anyone who has a promotion going on
.pub Variation on the theme of .bar and .cafe domains
.radio For the ever-growing number of web radios
.srl How many times have we had to add it to the name because your company name was already taken? Also available .sarl, .sas…
.sex See .porn, but a little softer. Also available and less extreme .sexy
.smart When being intelligent is not enough. there is ‘smart’, and the right domain can help
.smile For those who smile at life
.software Maybe a little long, but suitable for software houses
.studio Suitable for any kind of professional studio
.style Style is a serious matter
.surf For enthusiasts of the sector!
.top For those who are always at the top!
.vip There is always someone who feels they are a very important person
.web Those surf the web want to be identified right away
.webcam A room on the web to see what’s happening
.wiki The wiki concept is widespread, Wikipedia teaches. For company manuals?
.whoswho A name that represents the public relations industry, where it is important to know the right people at the right time
.wow I wanna amaze you!
.zero Let’s do this, let’s start from scratch and say no more