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Authenticated SMTP

Authenticated SMTP

Only one service to make your work easier and to send all your emails

Authenticated SMTP is a solution that allows our tired clients to send emails from all sorts of mobile devices and pc without having to modify your email client. In fact, due to the spread of SPAM, every provider has significantly increased their checks, to the extent that operators have inhibited the use of their Internet connection and now use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) from other suppliers.

This also happens because large operators such as Telecom Italia don’t address this problem at all. They do not react at Spam notifications and they find themselves having entire blocks of IP addresses that are considered by blacklists as unreliable because they were used by spammers that simply took advantage of wrongly configured servers. Therefore, the same problem occurs to new unaware clients who need a new connection and find the IP addresses are already blacklisted and as consequence refuse their emails.

But even when the situation isn’t that serious, logistic problems remain: we need to reconfigure our email client every time we travel because we have one operator at home, another in the office and another when we are on the move and when we are in a hotel yet another.

The right solution to always be authorised to send emails

Authenticated SMTP solution solves all these problems through a specific port (587): Individual client authentication by personal credentials can send emails with any operator from any device. This is an important advantage: the problem is solved because you configure your email client only once, when you start to use a new tablet, pc or mobile phone; you also have an additional benefit of having only one operator who gives you guarantees on speed and service reliability.

What if I want to backup my company’s email?

Authenticated SMTP solves this problem as well
In fact, if you use the SMTP of an external provider it doesn’t allow you to intercept outbound emails, therefore compromising the possibility to have a company backup on that side of the email. On the contrary, Promo.it authenticates and sets up the server SMTP and always has a copy of all outbound emails – another priceless advantage for those who want to have a record of their communication, possibly using Email Backup.

Scalable solution that is customized for your company’s needs
The initial cost of the service that we offer depending on the number of monthly emails is 60€ a year. If the number of emails exceeds the monthly allowance, it is possible to raise the profile without any service interruption.

SMTP Autenticato

SMTP Autenticato


  • Mail delivery 24 hours a day
  • Unlimited use for your entire domain with secure IP
  • Send up to 20MB in size
  • A configuration and no longer think about it
  • Works with all connections
  • Statistics and reports related to submissions
  • Assistance from Promo.it guaranteed 12 hours