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Have you ever looked for an email and couldn't find it?

email backup

In our everyday life we are increasingly using tools for instant communication that exceed email in speed and ease of use. However, we can’t deny that electronic email has now become a fundamental tool especially for business. It has happened partly because this tool is a part of our daily habits for several years, but mainly because email is a tool that allows us to receive something, store it and therefore goes beyond simple use of communication between people. Though instant messaging systems allow us to receive answers to our questions in real time, email remains the most appropriate tool to share documents, and to guarantee official status of communication (to the extent that emails are accepted at all levels as documentary evidence for trials). This is the difference: depending on the type of tool being used I could need to find a chat I had a few days ago, but in case of email the time frame could be as long as a few years ago, especially in case of a lawsuit. This is why an email storage system like Email Backup is fundamental to protect the company.

The necessity to recover an old email is only proportional to the possibility of not having one

Email backup di Promo.it

Murphy’s law applies perfectly in IT and provides no ground for optimism. In such cases the access to email backup becomes fundamental? The situations vary greatly: from recovery of a document that is thought was no longer needed, to the theft of company’s pc on which my emails are stored (the problem is significantly reduced using IMAP protocol since companies have one copy of the messages on their servers); all the way through to the trial situation when it is paramount to prove the fact of sending or receiving a document or, on the contrary, the fact of not receiving the communication that created the mistake. These are situations that a company must inevitably face.

I am relaxed: I back up my . pst file of my mail every night. Wrong: it doesn't protect your company!

In most cases if company’s IT managers are asked about email backup their answer will be positive. This is probably because the company’s server is configured to back up email every night. This must secure the company…but it is not . Why?

There are at least three reasons:

  • 01First of all, this type of backup is implemented after the email is sent or received, during a certain timeframe (usually during the night).
    Think carefully: if you received an embarrassing email in which serious mistake is highlighted or worse, misconduct, what would you do? Obviously, you would delete it immediately after receiving so that the backup set for the next night wouldn’t find the offending email any more!
  • 02The .pst backup that tends to grow untill becoming enormous with high management costs, long restore times, and inevitably the deletion of part of the archive – therefore limiting the backup’s length of time – to save company’s money and to safeguard the IT department’s needs.
  • 03Lastly, the .pst is local storage: in case of serious issues such as power problems, there is high possibility that the impact involves both the web server and the server where backup is stored. It is preferable to have a remote backup.

Email Backup is a solution that secures your backup for ever

In order to overcome the limitations described above, Promo.it have designed and continue to work on developing the product Email Backup. Email Backup is an advanced solution for your company’s email backup.

Why should you feel reassured with Email Backup?

Firstly, because Email Backup allows you to have a backup and email server located at two different sites. If the server is in the company, the backup will be in the data center; if the email is in the data center, Email Backup can be hosted in the company or in the second data center.

Last but not least...
Another important point is...

What about privacy?

There are no problems even from this point of view: the product complies with all necessary requirements. Furthermore, if the company applies the correct information and takes necessary steps it can use Email Backup’s full functionality. Several court trials have ruled that companies have the right to defend themselves using email backup.

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