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Email Sleep

Secure your email with Email Sleep solution and you won't loose a single one.

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Email Sleep is a solution designed by Promo.it to guarantee that no email gets lost. The solution consists of a server battery that is placed in a company’s domain as a second-level record MX and intervenes if the main MX record, that is company’s email server, doesn’t response within set timeframe.

Today’s email solutions offered by providers, Promo.it included, are very reliable. These solutions are based on redundant servers also at geographical level and therefore it is very small probably for these services to be inaccessible. However, in recent years, there are different examples of world-famous providers whose email services stopped for long time. Nevertheless, with time, Email Sleep becomes a solution increasingly dedicated to companies which don’t have a structure based on a real Data Center and therefore their internal mail server is vulnerable to service interruptions resulting from connection drops, electric problems, etc. This is when Email Sleep intervenes and maintains all the messages in line and resend them to the addressee server as soon as it is accessible.

What happens to these messages without Email Sleep?

email sleep

The sender usually receives an error message if the email he sent fails because the addressee’s server is inaccessible for electrical problems. Often this messages are ignored because considered as little as Spam messages and the sender never realizes that the message has never been sent and as a result the addressee will never be able to answer it. It is easy to imagine the consequences of such problems. With Email Sleep the problem no longer exists: Promo.it’s servers keep messages in line and take care of sending them to the addressee as soon as his server is on-line. There is only remains a delay in message reception which is equal to time needed to restore company’s server.

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