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Certified Email

You can get rid of registered letter and switch to digital certified email

Certified email (PEC) is an Italian original solution that gives an email the same validity of a registered letter with the acknowledgement of receipt. Communication via PEC only has validity if exchanged between two certified mailbox; the respective servers exchange all documents needed to certify and guarantee communication the legal validity.This is why any communication between a traditional email and certified email has no legal validity at all; there will be no verification flow of the communication, but will be generated an error or fault message with no legal constraints.

Which guarantees does PEC offer?

A message sent by Certificated Email undergoes a series of processes which distinguish it from a traditional email. Furthermore, Certified Email offers even broader guarantees than a registered letter with acknowledgement receipt: it certifies even the content of the email, and this doesn’t take place with traditional registered letters.

The servers that manage certificated emails of sender and addressee are specifically configured to exchange a series/range of information. In particular, the sender gets following receipts:



receipt of acceptance


receipt of delivery

What does our PEC offer?

Promo.it selected Infocamere, which is considered the most reliable supplier. We offer solution with following custom settings:

  • A safe archive that allows you to keep all communication
  • Third-level customized domains (i.e. pec.company.it) that is certified and under which you can open mailboxes ( i.e. legal@pec.company.it)
  • Unlike many other economic solutions Promo.it’s PEC offer can interact with non certified emails, though, as we said earlier, without legal advantages
  • Promo.it’s technical support will take care of everything from the signing of the first contract and renewal, to eventual technical support problems
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