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Zimbra mail3d

Zimbra Mail3D embraces electronic mail and collaboration between users

Zimbra Mail3D

ZCS is a versatile tool that allows you to access your email through IMAP protocols, as well as dedicated webmail. It is also the best way to manage company’s information with the tools supplied by Zimbra, which is one of the leaders in the email field and is targeted at the users of pc with Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices with dedicated tools.

You can easily access unlimited functions

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Promo.it ZIMBRA MAIL solution is a SUPER MAIL for your company and yourself: complete, reliable and fully integrated based on software Zimbra Collaboration Suite of Zimbra; EmailBackup and ScanMail, the integrated systems which are directly developed by Promo.it.

ZIMBRA MAIL 3D automatically synchronizes with your pc, notebook, tablet and smartphone so that you always have your personal email, heading, calendar, documents/files!

Even more services due to integration between Zimbra and Promo.it

Promo.it’s solution goes beyond the tools offered in Zimbra Collaboration Suite’s various solutions: it is completed with integration of EmailBackup, a software entirely designed by Promo.it. It manages encrypted backup of the company’s entire email, both inbound and outbound. Zimbra Mail3D and EmailBackup is the most reliable and complete solution for company email managing.

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