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Our web hosting services in the era of CMS

Website hosting services used to be the simplest thing in the world of the internet: all you needed was a server connected to the web, a virtual host was activated to manage the customer’s domain, and then the html pages were published.

With the advent of new tools which make it easy to create websites, things have become much more complex and therefore providing services has inevitably become crucial. This is the case with hosting services in the era of CMS (Content Management System): these tools allow you to create and manage a web site with quality graphics, even if you have no idea about programming or how to open a graphics program like Photoshop.

How do you choose a Good Hosting Service Solution for an Internet Domain?

There is more to this than reliability, which remains the key element for a hosting service: it is unacceptable for a site to keep getting blocked due to technical issues. There are several other variables: first of all, compatibility with the CMS we chose – if we have chosen one, which is usually the case – and with the various tools (databases, for example) which we will use. Updates are also necessary, since the service must allow you to use that tool in the correct version. Lastly, as usual, technical support: an experienced team can help you when particularly complex problems arise.

Therefore, it is paramount to choose a provider who will develop your software: it is easy to create a site with a CMS, but this solution needs constant maintenance to keep it. An obsolete version of the CMS can be easy prey for ever-active hackers, who can take control of our website and its hosting space. For this reason, the supplier’s choice is also a key element, that must be present even after the job is done.

Web Hosting Service by Promo.it: an independent room in an elegant palace

This is all part of Promo.it’s hosting service, but not only: what we have been doing in recent years is to try to give priority to our customers’ security. Let’s imagine you are in a beautiful palace with all the comforts but without securing an effective anti-intrusion system; if you found out that your neighbour has been robbed you probably wouldn’t sleep at night.

With Promo.it, this can’t happen because the system has been designed to protect each web site: if another site hosted on the same server (your neighbour) is attacked, perhaps because their CMS version is not up to date, your space in the Data Centre (apartment) remains totally secure, as the service includes total independence for each web space (a solid and personal alert system). This means that if the attack has been successful and is generating a massive spam attack, my site will continue to work, and my neighbour’s will be made unusable by Promo.it Protection Systems.



It is also possible to have Hosting Services with the addition of HTTPS protocol: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is a secure protocol for protecting Internet communication, thanks to authentication of a visited site.  Through the use of encryption, this protocol guarantees the integrity of the exchanged data, and protection of your privacy. The use of HTTPS protocol also ensures improvement positioning in SEO search engines

Hosting Linux

  • Programming languages: PHP version 4, PHP version 5.
  • Database: MySql 5.0.45.
  • Antivirus: yes.
  • Supported Software: Joomla Standard 2.6 and 3.0; WordPress 3.9; Magento 1.1.7; Xoop 2.5.5; PrestaShop 1.5.3; Zend Framework; SugarCRM 6.5.11; CMS Concrete5 5.6.11; eZ Publish 4.1.4; Cakephp 2.3.1; Docebo cms; Movable Type 5.2.3; Exils cms.
  • Statistics: AwStats.
  • Backup: everyday using the software BackupDati by Promo.it.

Hosting Windows

  • Programming languages: PHP version 5.2, .NET 3.5, .Net 4.0, Front Page 5.0.
  • Data Base: MsSql 2000, 2005 and 2008, MySql 5.1.10.
  • Antivirus: yes.
  • Supported Software: Incomedia Website X5 Evolution 9, jquery-1.3, ASP Stats Generator, Adobe GoLive 4, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7, Type Writer 4, DataWeb 4, phpMailer, WordPress 3.0 and 3.1, Forms To Go 3.2.1.
  • Statistics: AwStats.

The hosting service does not end here: our apartment is easily accessible via large communication channels (redundant fibre optic lines with different operators); protection of your website starts in the building, using perimeter firewalls and Intrusion Protection Systems; and, should any problem occur, the concierge service and its trained staff are on call 24 hours a day.

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