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Programmers and system administrators working together to achieve their goal

Programmers and system administrators working together to achieve their goal

Customized projects in which software optimization is linked to the choices of operating hardware infrastructure ( whether operate is referred to choices or to the hardware infrastructure) by Promo.it’s system administrators

Optimizing the performance of software means also evaluating the optimization of the code according to the hardware which the software is working on

n the summer of 2014 Pearson S.p.a., a leader in the school publishing sector, asked for our help in handling an enormous increase in the number of visitors to their site while at the same time moving the platform to more updated versions of software and databases. This request was made even more complicated given the necessity to host the platform for approximately one year before the definitive move to the Data Centre set up by Pearson’s English branch.

The winning formula consists of technological choices, co-ordination with the Client and a cohesive team of programmers and system administrators.

The project had very tight schedules and no margin for error: by the beginning of the school year, the portal had to be ready to accept new requests and handle them without the slightest effect on its performance. We therefore created a scalable node system which allows Pearson to enhance the platform whenever specific events occur, even at the end of the initial phase of migration. We chose Netapp high-performance, shared storage, which our experienced technicians configured using their vast experience and expertise. The platform’s performance was therefore optimized ensuring fast access even during the spikes in traffic and surges in requests during each session, which were caused by implementation of the new functions. Overall, we managed a smooth transition from the 30 requests per second before migration, to an average of 100, with peaks of 200 requests per second.


  • We strengthened the infrastructure using Dell calculating machines supplied by Netech S.r.l., a partner of Promo.it, which means we can manage a node infrastructure that can deal with considerable increases in demand on the platform
  • We chose the Netapp storage solution, and the expertise of our technicians ensures optimal configuration with excellent performance even when traffic is intense


  • The migration to php 5.5 and mysql 5.5 involved analysing a series of processes and in some cases reviewing the underlying logic. The various problems which emerged were quickly solved thanks to the collaboration between our programmers and Pearson’s internal team, and the involvement of some external consultants with specific skills in the pertinent field
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