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Animated Infographics

Infographics is information presented in a strictly graphic form, with text inside the image giving explanations about it.


Communication experts regularly ask themselves how they can efficiently transmit information to the user in such a way that it can easily be understood and memorized. Images have this capacity: the human mind memorizes pictures more easily than words. Since prehistoric ages, humans have been telling stories through graffiti, Egyptian hieroglyphics, etc, as the simplest and most intuitive way to hand down a narrative or an event.

Modern infographic designers aim at synthesizing the message they want to communicate in an image with a text. For companies infographics becomes an effective marketing tool for transmitting information: concept maps, schemes, information flow, etc.


The video is another very effective tool because of its communication capacity in mobile marketing field especially, is extremely high. Videos can carry out different functions for marketing purposes: brand awareness, information about products, video tutorials with operating instruction.

Promo.it's team of developers and designers can offer following services:

  • We create/process infographics according to client’s dispositions
  • We design infographics according to patterns of storytelling and content marketing
  • We design and develop brand awareness videos, product data sheet, various types of tutorials
  • We design and develop storytelling videos
Do you want more information about how we develop infographics or produce videos for your storytelling?
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