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Website Designing

A website allows a company to promote its image throughout the whole world, reaching people everywhere.

realizzazione siti web

This is why designing a web site requires careful evaluation, as several aspects must be coordinated and taken into account.
The website must communicate the company image and philosophy, but most of all it must be user-friendly, in order to make surfing as easy as possible (user experience), drawing users in and keeping them interested. It must be easy for the company to update and manage, as they will periodically have to organize the contents of their web pages completely on their own.

It is paramount that a website is specifically designed to reflect a company’s goals, which must be the hub around which the whole process spins, and the starting point for any digital marketing activity.
The website must be responsive or mobile-friendly, which means it must have maximum visibility and accessibility on every device, be it a pc, tablet or smart phone.

realizzazione sito web

Promo.it have been designing websites for companies and local businesses for almost 20 years and we can offer our experience for the following services:

  • Analysis, design and structure of websites
  • Responsive websites which allow the customer to surf extremely quickly
  • We create websites using the best-known CMS (Content Management System) and tailored templates.
  • 100% personalized projects, especially designed for each client.
  • We help our clients to design their sites’ textual content
  • We offer a service for producing photos, videos, images and graphics
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